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Put Your Donuts Down and Save the Life of a Dog at Carson Animal Shelter today. No time left. Dogs will die!

Put your donuts down, and lets save some dogs. This week three pitties, all healthy, all gentle, all just babies, were killed because they had been at the shelter too long. They had given up. . Please please please. Care about something outside yourself. Help an animal in a shelter survive. THEY STOP EATING AND DRINKING.  We are focusing on babies old and young at Carson Animal Shelter in Gardena.  I promise it will be worth it! You wont need anti-depressants or the voices of others,  you will be so busy helping a helpless animal that you may need a stiff drink of whiskey, but your soul will be happy. And if you want,  share those donuts with your new best friend/s. I have to tell you . . . Saving a dog saves yourself. I promise. For two weekends I cannot find one person in Corona willing to drive to Gardena. Its less than an hour. What if it was your child. These dog aren’t eating, they have no one to help, and its just sad that people.  Cant find a few hours to go get one or two