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The Doggie Roadhouse Inn,  A place for First-Class Service that loves our animals, now boards your special pet. Daily care, medications given if needed, and over nighters are welcomed too. All babies enjoy fresh chicken, meet lots of friends, have their own luxurious bed and treats galore making your pet a happy happy dog. We are not cheap but provide an exceptional environment for your baby.   Roadhouse Reservation Line 310-270-1377.  Truckers are given “ Trucker Discount.”  Our site with information will be up shortly at

Female German Shepherd, Five years, chained with. 8. Ft rope and Spike collar for three years. Give her your home!

Princess Jada, Sweetheart Be her supporter! I wonder what is wrong with people’s minds. How do you own a dog from birth and at two years because you meet a man that does not like dogs, you allow this horrifying person to take your dog, your child you raised, and put in a a deserted back yard on a spike collar and an 8 ft rope cord, and leave that dog there with filthy water, cheap food, and little communication, as the back yard, the “mom” told me was not livable, and her two children were not allowed to go out there in the dirt. But your dog is left there???? SO three years later,  THREE YEARS, this guy leaves, and the lady now has three children. When she called me to see if I could take her now “so important” dog, and is telling me the story all I could do was laugh, and ask her, “why would you expect anything different from that kind of human being. ???? I cry when I know an animal has been harmed, by a family!   I cant imagine what this poor dog did, day after day, night