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The Doggie Roadhouse Inn,  A place for First-Class Service that loves our animals, now boards your special pet. Daily care, medications given if needed, and over nighters are welcomed too. All babies enjoy fresh chicken, meet lots of friends, have their own luxurious bed and treats galore making your pet a happy happy dog. We are not cheap but provide an exceptional environment for your baby. 
 Roadhouse Reservation Line 310-270-1377. 
Truckers are given “ Trucker Discount.”  Our site with information will be up shortly at

Female German Shepherd, Five years, chained with. 8. Ft rope and Spike collar for three years. Give her your home!

Princess Jada, Sweetheart
Be her supporter!

I wonder what is wrong with people’s minds. How do you own a dog from birth and at two years because you meet a man that does not like dogs, you allow this horrifying person to take your dog, your child you raised, and put in a a deserted back yard on a spike collar and an 8 ft rope cord, and leave that dog there with filthy water, cheap food, and little communication, as the back yard, the “mom” told me was not livable, and her two children were not allowed to go out there in the dirt. But your dog is left there????

SO three years later,  THREE YEARS, this guy leaves, and the lady now has three children. When she called me to see if I could take her now “so important” dog, and is telling me the story all I could do was laugh, and ask her, “why would you expect anything different from that kind of human being. ????

I cry when I know an animal has been harmed, by a family!   I cant imagine what this poor dog did, day after day, night after ni…

Truckers, Pets and Recoverying Outlaws Come stay at the Roadhouse Farm Inn in South Corona, California.

Don’t forget at the Roadhouse Farm Inn that welcomes truckers, pets and recovering outlaws the babies are waiting for you.  Its. Picture is Charmer, about five months old, then to the right Repo (3 yrs.) (left) and Sweet Adeline (7 months) (right) Black puppy (5 months) his name is Bogart, and then there is Prancer, Bardot, and more. So, please phone our reservation line 310-270-1377 and come be a part of Southern California’s Dogs and Humans Ranch.   In South Corona. Prices vary. 

One Sweet Baby has no home. Please help save her now! Foster or adopt!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I said I would never help another owner turnin- okay I LIED! 
A precious little girl, Cali, named because she. Just looks like a California Girl! She is beautiful, flirty, sweet, and always smiling.   Her mom left home,   Dad is taking care of kids, and he just cant do it all, and has little time for this baby girl. 
We need to get Cali a home TODAY! The guy CANNOT KEEP HER! Please step up, even just to foster. She does not have shots, is not fixed,, nor chipped, but her abundance of love goes forever. Loving kids, other dogs, and she is a good dog. Please call us now: 909-208-6889. 
You can see her full profile too at On our site you. Can also donate to help. With her urgent medical needs, including all shots. 
Thank you, Take action this minute, the guy the owner does not have many choices.   

Momma and Baby Girl Need A family to love them both. Best gift ever to have a bonded pair. Hours of entertainment.

Please look up Manchester Terrier. The skin on this dog, and hair, is like silk. It shines beautifully. I look at her, and She is just so special. Her daughter too, but Mom is breathtaking.

Description of pet
This Mom and Daughter combo must be adopted together as they are bonded like glue. Two dogs also make fantastic pets. They are not diggers, or cryers, they have a friend. So please think about this idea.

Description of pets
Our shelter found in an abandoned house Rosebud and her SIX four-week old puppies, one of which is Bella Cuddles, near death, but surviving. Rosebud is named after a gangster lady who also raised her babies, and would shoot you with a gun while protecting her kids too. And Bella Cuddles was another lady about town in the good ole days.

See details at You can also DONATE on this page.

It was figured out that this tiny little Manchester Terrier/ Jack Russell Terrier, with markings like an angel, girl, had her children on or about Augu…

Tethered for three years, Princess Jada ia now free and waiting for her new home. Adopt her today!~

This is the sweetest dog ever, and she was tethered for over three years with a spike collar embedded in her skin. Give her your family home today ~

If you are looking for an angel that has been thru hell and came out with an abundance of love and gratefulness, then Princess Jada is your baby girl.

When she was two years old, after being raised inside with the family since a puppy, suddenly was left near dead in a back yard. The girl met a guy with her two kids, who hated dogs, and therefore Jada was put on a spike collar and short chain, and Isolated for the next three years.

How she survived this hell I have no idea, but she just had to have entertained herself, because she had outgrown the spike collar atleaast three times, and when we got her that collar was embedded in her body, with huge infected sores. Michael had to cut it off, and she howled with pain. It took us close to three months to really get the infection under control, and get her all healed. We just have let her sou…

Want to help our animals? Donate today!

We, Greenland Holler Pets, have been doing dog, and cat, rescue for over fifteen years, are mission is to help harmed and medically ill babies, never taking in fluff dogs, but ones at shelters on death row, or owner take-ins that are critical nightmares, etc. We handle up to 35 animals at Sanctuary, and we have saved and adopted out over 10,000 animals.

This year we are planning to create two bills, Ruthies Bill, to change the laws on people being able to have more than four dogs so dogs on death row at shelters can be adopted and saved. And, Baby Boo’s Bill . . . To force shelters to use a tranquilizer when they have to euthanize an animal. Currently shelters do not use a tranquilizers and the suffering for these helpless dogs is cruel torture.

And of courage daily helping every animal we can especially helping the death row dogs at our shelters. We save lives, and every dog, old or young, gets fresh cooked chicken daily at the sanctuary and the best food possible from Halo to Taste …

Put Your Donuts Down and Save the Life of a Dog at Carson Animal Shelter today. No time left. Dogs will die!

Put your donuts down, and lets save some dogs. This week three pitties, all healthy, all gentle, all just babies, were killed because they had been at the shelter too long. They had given up. . Please please please. Care about something outside yourself. Help an animal in a shelter survive. THEY STOP EATING AND DRINKING.  We are focusing on babies old and young at Carson Animal Shelter in Gardena.  I promise it will be worth it! You wont need anti-depressants or the voices of others,  you will be so busy helping a helpless animal that you may need a stiff drink of whiskey, but your soul will be happy. And if you want,  share those donuts with your new best friend/s.

I have to tell you . . . Saving a dog saves yourself. I promise. For two weekends I cannot find one person in Corona willing to drive to Gardena. Its less than an hour. What if it was your child. These dog aren’t eating, they have no one to help, and its just sad that people.  Cant find a few hours to go get one or two and…

Jada a 103 lb. German Shepherd came to us broken by humans. Now ready for her own home!

Young girl phoned, her life in a shambles and unable to keep her 103 lb purebred German Shepherd, crying, begged for our Sanctuary to please, please, please take in her little girl, Jada. Nearly impossible task, I knew, but my heart went out to this kid. And what also lured me in was that in the middle of her disaster she was reaching out to rescues to help her save her baby girl, Jada, who had been with her since a puppy. She mothered this dog. The girl did not want to put her baby in a shelter. She said, “It will panic her!.” Plus she wondered with Jada being a Big Girl how long a shelter would keep her alive. Some how I knew we had to help. 

I began with questions:  Is Jada friendly to other dogs? YESDoes Jada like humans? YESHow is she with children? EXCELLENTDoes she have her shots? NO, NOT FOR THREE YEARS (okay)Is she fixed? YESMicrochipped YESHousetrained? NO. Was for her first year. Then Mama got a boyfriend who didn’t like Jada, and this poor, poor dog was tossed outside t…

Everyday the critical calls come in, “Please take my dog! I cant keep it” And usually has medical issues.

One More Urgent Call Saying, "I Can't keep my dog!" One More Dog Suffering, One More Dog                          "We have to save!." And always, always, always, its a critical mess. Jada had infected sores on neck from a spike collar two times too small that had been around her neck for three years as she was alone in a back yard, tied up!

A young lady had started phoning our Sanctuary about three weeks prior and would call almost daily, but I found many lies in each call. Her first call was about another dog she said she couldn't keep and she was going to be homeless. But same call she told me her mom had ten puppies and a 9 month old one, and the mom and dad, and grandparents to puppies, nothing made sense. Then she calls me and says she found the other dog a home, she has a place to live but she cant keep her dog, the nine month old. The dog is papered too. So I asked her to send me a copy of the papers on my phone. "Well I dont have real papers!&…