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God's Beautiful Journey For years I did Musical theatre, and I used to say that I was always cast in plays that helped heal the past. We all have issues growing up and mine was full of surprises and many things a child should never have to experience; but play after play my wounds healed as others had written my story, and I got to play the character. My first play was the Runaways. Then I began to write plays, oh that has to be the most powerful healer for anyone with broken hearts.  One play, of which I won award after award for while attending UCLA School of Theatre, Film and TV, one of the world's finest conservatories in the world, was quite expressive of the dark world that had surrounded me in my childhood. My famous lines in the play were:        "Daddy's little doo doo, what did Daddy do with his little doo doo, did Daddy do you?" But trauma and heartbreak give us character, and in the end I found spirituality brimming in my life. And the

Learning how to handle an adoption as a rescue!

                                   Do I get Attachment to a dog? Meet Ruger!  Oh goodness, YES!  Today, May 26,2018, my little Ruger,  named after the finest guns made, is getting adopted. I don't want to let this tiny fragile dog go, he only weighs about six pounds, but I know somehow I have to work with my soul and hand him graciously to this man that wants and needs him, that adores him, has a little female one eyed dog that instantly fell in love with Ruger, and I have to send all my blessings. And that saving the dogs, then finding them homes is my job. Im not supposed to get attached/ If I do how can I save the next baby in need? But some of the babies just get so deeply ingrained in my being. Ruger is one of those special angels for me.  Ruger loves the guy that drove from San Diego to Corona to adopt, has now spent almost $150 at the Petsmart buying Ruger a comfort harness, new toys, Halo food, a soft soft bed, and even had his little girl dog groomed to meet Ruger.