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Jada a 103 lb. German Shepherd came to us broken by humans. Now ready for her own home!

 Jada Young girl phoned, her life in a shambles and unable to keep her 103 lb purebred German Shepherd, crying, begged for our Sanctuary to please, please, please take in her little girl, Jada. Nearly impossible task, I knew, but my heart went out to this kid. And what also lured me in was that in the middle of her disaster she was reaching out to rescues to help her save her baby girl, Jada, who had been with her since a puppy. She mothered this dog. The girl did not want to put her baby in a shelter. She said, “It will panic her!.” Plus she wondered with Jada being a Big Girl how long a shelter would keep her alive. Some how I knew we had to help.  I began with questions:  Is Jada friendly to other dogs? YES Does Jada like humans? YES How is she with children? EXCELLENT Does she have her shots? NO, NOT FOR THREE YEARS (okay) Is she fixed? YES Microchipped YES Housetrained? NO. Was for her first year. Then Mama got a boyfriend who didn’t like Jada, and this poo

Everyday the critical calls come in, “Please take my dog! I cant keep it” And usually has medical issues.

 One More Urgent Call Saying, "I Can't keep my dog!" One More Dog Suffering, One More Dog                          "We have to save!." And always, always, always, its a critical mess. Jada had infected sores on neck from a spike collar two times too small that had been around her neck for three years as she was alone in a back yard, tied up!    A young lady had started phoning our Sanctuary about three weeks prior and would call almost daily, but I found many lies in each call. Her first call was about another dog she said she couldn't keep and she was going to be homeless. But same call she told me her mom had ten puppies and a 9 month old one, and the mom and dad, and grandparents to puppies, nothing made sense. Then she calls me and says she found the other dog a home, she has a place to live but she cant keep her dog, the nine month old. The dog is papered too. So I asked her to send me a copy of the papers on my phone. "Well I dont have real