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Purpose of my life. . . Saving dogs in harm. Part One of Two

So I woke up with pain still as intense as before as drugs from my surgery on Friday are wearing off  and depression hit me so hard  and the fact that I’m alone and Easter is around the corner    I was filled with so much self pity.  And the phone rang.   A man is crying.  He states he’s just around the corner from my home with his dog he cannot cannot keep.   I told him to come by but that I couldn’t walk but I’d see how I could help him.  The man pulls up.  He has s baby pit girl in his car.  A pure blue nose.  He let her out off the leash and this baby girl just ran and ran but didn’t leave the area and when he or I would simply call her name she would just run right into our arms.    She was so sweet.   And I knew she had not been able to run for a long time.  He collar tattered and old and I made a decision that moment that i had to help her, Miss Roulette , or Roux Roux.  And after all what else did I have to do  I told dad he had to help me set her up in her new