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THE PURPOSE OF A PUPPY!! And we have two female pups right now: Sweet Adeline and Addie Mae - see them on our site: or email: BUT . . . If you want our dogs fixed how will we get puppies? I hear two opinions in one. The family that is appalled because her neighbor did not fix her dog, and now there are puppies, are the same people who will be first in line to take one of the cute darlings. Its no different than our own babies born. I’ve yet to see an ugly newborn child. They are all beautiful, as puppies too are all just adorable! Puppies make beautiful gifts for children. The relationship is perfect. Have you seen a child pick up a puppy? Its breathtaking. It’s God at his finest. These babies have not had treats before, or toys, or played, and to watch them learn and love puts a peace in my heart to be found nowhere else.  You can’t deny puppies are heart-warming, and are the perfect dog for growing families. Except

Baron Smokey says, "I Wanna Go Back Home!"

Listen to music on my You Tube channel of my song, Go Back Home, while you read my thoughts. Susanne Spirit's You Tube Channel  Just Click! "I wanna hear my Momma call me, I wanna touch my Daddy's strong  hands, I wanna see that room that I grew up in, I wanna go home in my Mind, and go back in time." It's a universal need from us to our dogs. My video shows how you can help us save our Pits, and other left behind dogs. Im writing today about our new dog Baron Smokey who took my heart from the second I met him. Baron has been with one of our fosters, but the human mom is having her first child in two days, and Baron needs a new home, so lets help Baron "Go Back Home!" His Dad who turned him into us, a big strong probably three hundred pound man, showed up with Baron to turn him into our shelter, as could not handle him, he told me. He had TWO spike collars on this poor baby. The collars that are metal, have spikes that when the ma