Baron Smokey says, "I Wanna Go Back Home!"

Listen to music on my You Tube channel of my song, Go Back Home, while you read my thoughts. Susanne Spirit's You Tube Channel Just Click! "I wanna hear my Momma call me, I wanna touch my Daddy's strong  hands, I wanna see that room that I grew up in, I wanna go home in my Mind, and go back in time." It's a universal need from us to our dogs. My video shows how you can help us save our Pits, and other left behind dogs.

Im writing today about our new dog Baron Smokey who took my heart from the second I met him. Baron has been with one of our fosters, but the human mom is having her first child in two days, and Baron needs a new home, so lets help Baron "Go Back Home!"

His Dad who turned him into us, a big strong probably three hundred pound man, showed up with Baron to turn him into our shelter, as could not handle him, he told me. He had TWO spike collars on this poor baby. The collars that are metal, have spikes that when the man would pull on the leash hooked to these torture collars, the prongs poke into the dog’s skin. Its horrible. And in a gruff hard voice, while yanking on the collar on the dog, the man says,  I trained him. But he doesnt listen! Then the man hollers, “SIT!” Poor Baron shook. As I watched this abuse, I wanted to hurt this guy, and with the amount of anger in me searing I probably could have taken this guy to the ground. Anyway, instead, I told him I had an urgent matter, and if it was alright with him to just hand me the dog, say his goodbyes, and I would take Baron to his quarters. Baron had a different name, but I renamed him immediately. And the minute the guy was gone I took off the spike collars, I took his leash, and anything else this guy had brought, and just threw it all in the trash. I wanted nothing to remind this gentle baby of his past.

Are you playing my music yet?  . . . . its easy: JUST CLICK HERE!

The leash was all torn too. Most of our owner turn-ins come in the same pathetic condition. Usually the collars have been on the dog/s since the owner got the animal. How would they like to sleep with things poking them at night. EVERY DOG'S COLLAR NEEDS TO BE OFF THE DOG WHEN IN A HOME. These collars cause sores;  the hair gets so embedded in the skin, the dog has no hair left; and there is no reason for these filthy dirty collars to be on the dog. If the dog is microchipped, its in his body, you don't need the tag on him, in your house in the night. People are too lazy to take it off every day, and why would you keep one on the dog at all that is too small and too dirty. It breaks my heart. And leashes too. My goodness! If money is an issue go to a 99cent Store.

Okay so back to our baby Baron Smokey. The day this big boy arrived I was in quite a bit of pain in my legs, and back from my surgeries, and it was hard for me to handle Baron. He is SOLID MUSCLE. Gentle as can be, but he is just durable. He was kind with me, he knew I was not feeling well. I brought him in the house, he loves everyone. Then offered to have him join me in my hospital bed in the living room, and he did. He just rested his body next to mine, and we slept for a few hours. He was safe, he was home, and he knew it!

We are registered with the parole offices as a place where convicts can do their volunteer hours with us! And the next afternoon I got a call from a guy who needed 30 hours of working with us. He came over that afternoon. Nice, nice guy, and handy too. Kid could do any kind of handy work needed. And he had a pregnant wife, so trying to do things right. Well he saw Baron Smokey, and told me his story.

His wife's family where the two of them were staying had the same dog, an Australian Cattleherder Dog. A little girl dog. The guy showed me a picture of the baby, and their dog was identical to ours. He had his wife ask her parents if they would mind if he fostered this dog. They said, "That's wonderful!" And so, Baron Smokey went to this new home that day. I was relieved.

Lots of people have inquired but some of the problems we have incurred are as follows:
1. People bring TINY kids to adopt this BIG STRONG dog! Not a good idea!
2. The adults are little and just not strong. One sweet gal weighed 95 lbs. Oh goodness.
3. People have one, two or three cats . . . . Baron Smokey HATES CATS.
4. One guy wanted him, but his neighbor just POISONED his last PIT BULL.


So apply now! Go to our site: front page/upper right. And if you want to know more about him, just type in his name Baron Smokey, and you can get all his details.

Hope you enjoyed my music; if not visit my site now: CLICK HERE!   And if you want to make a donation to help us with Baron Smokey, or sponsor his adoption go to our primary site: and hit"DONATE."


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