Female German Shepherd, Five years, chained with. 8. Ft rope and Spike collar for three years. Give her your home!

Princess Jada, Sweetheart
Be her supporter!

I wonder what is wrong with people’s minds. How do you own a dog from birth and at two years because you meet a man that does not like dogs, you allow this horrifying person to take your dog, your child you raised, and put in a a deserted back yard on a spike collar and an 8 ft rope cord, and leave that dog there with filthy water, cheap food, and little communication, as the back yard, the “mom” told me was not livable, and her two children were not allowed to go out there in the dirt. But your dog is left there????

SO three years later,  THREE YEARS, this guy leaves, and the lady now has three children. When she called me to see if I could take her now “so important” dog, and is telling me the story all I could do was laugh, and ask her, “why would you expect anything different from that kind of human being. ????

I cry when I know an animal has been harmed, by a family!   I cant imagine what this poor dog did, day after day, night after night. ALone, cold, sores on belly from cement, and just being left to die, really????

Anyway, so . . . . .  I told the girl just bring this dog here, and she did Princess Jada, I named her, came with that spike collar on her neck. THe ladies kids were with her, but didn’t. Even know the dog. And Mamma had long done nails. I had to aske her to just leave my anger was too overwhelming.

The minute she left, we cut the collar off her, it was impacted into her skin. IMPACTED! She had grown in three years. Blood, puss and infection poured out of her. Called vet and immediately took her over to be seen by the doctor. We had to raise $1800 that day! I ask how did I get this responsibility. But if you and I dont step up to the plate, then who will.    Please DONATE today to our Sanctuary. When the dogs come in, it’s always an immediate crisis. I dont have time to raise money, the monies need to be on the books.   Donate to: PayPal: greenlandglobal@mac.com

I fought hard and worked hard after fifteen years to become an Official California 501C3 For my Animal Sanctuary. I hope to change and establish a business as solid as ASCPA. I saved nearly 10,000 dogs in fifteen years, all dogs coming with severe medical issues, or being put to sleep. Join me,lets really make a difference. I dont do fluff dogs, I only do dogs in critical situations. So, become part of my life saving journey, and get your feet wet. We can talk all day, but whats important is being able to hold a frightened dog and tell he/she its all going to be okay now.

Im sitting in the backyard with Princess Jada right now. She adored her twice daily cooked chicken. A lady yesterday said she wanted to bring a few things over, like potty pads, good canned dog foods, chicken, basmati rice and peanut butter for biscuits. She asked me if I needed something for me to eat. I told her no, I need chicken . . . . Lots of fresh boneless chicken. I can eat scrambled eggs, or homemade bread.   God provides,  or a plate of food from my neighbors.

But this 103 lb. precious girl is now ready for a real home where she can sleep in a bed with a human, maybe go hiking, or just play ball with her friend. She did not know how to play ball, sher loves it!

GIVE HER A LIFE! Today! Please visit www.greenlandhollerpets.org; fill out our application, and give this sweet, gentle, lovebug a real life now!



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