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BUT . . . If you want our dogs fixed how will we get puppies? I hear two opinions in one. The family that is appalled because her neighbor did not fix her dog, and now there are puppies, are the same people who will be first in line to take one of the cute darlings. Its no different than our own babies born. I’ve yet to see an ugly newborn child. They are all beautiful, as puppies too are all just adorable!

Puppies make beautiful gifts for children. The relationship is perfect. Have you seen a child pick up a puppy? Its breathtaking. It’s God at his finest. These babies have not had treats before, or toys, or played, and to watch them learn and love puts a peace in my heart to be found nowhere else. 

You can’t deny puppies are heart-warming, and are the perfect dog for growing families. Except you do have to realize that the puppy will not be the focus of the kids after a very short time, and Mom will be taking care now of another baby. And puppies are work. 

     We have three eight week old tiny babies who eat and poop. That’s really their whole life. When we got these babies they were starving, and inhaled puppy foods, and extra nutrition including us cooking fresh chicken with a little rice and veggies. We, Michael and I, cut the food into little bites. But they eat; drink alkaline water, ours sponsored by Mountain Valley Spring Water, and poop, and poop, and poop. That’s the reality.  

Ways to help keep poop under control: First we tried the green pads that look like grass. Oh the babies will go on them, but what a mess to clean up. A hose blast will get most of the poop off, but our first week with the babies we had runny poop, and so much of it. And when not immediately removed from the grass, and lets say a puppy walks in it, sinking the poop into the fibers, its a horror to clean, and take forever to dry to use again. 

Potty pads have also been a challenge for us, and remember we been doing this job with puppies often over our fifteen years in dog rescue, ten were deliver to us form Banning Police once that were four week old puppies with no mom, and pit bull babies, ready to grow and eat. We had to fix up an outdoor area with grass and keep moving the dogs to make it anywhere near sanitary,  But puppies love to tear up these pads. They have a plastic holder, but the poop gets on it, gets stuck, hard to clean up, and it again is not worth the few moments it all looks clean. This new group we are taking the tape of the pads, and using at least twelve at a time, in a large area in their playpen, and they do only go on it, not on their beds or blankets, these three babies are smart, but within six hours the area is all ready for new pads. Early morning, once warm enough we do take them outside in a huge playpen, and these pups designate their own poop area. We use two huge blankets with blankets and beds and these brilliant little brains know to not poop or pee on those areas, but the grass is “All GO to poop
and pee!”  

Here is the greatest fascinating fact I find in the process of protecting these pups from the future, and getting them a perfect family. First of all we get hundreds of inquiries for puppies, it does not matter what breed or size, the calls and emails dont stop; while our seniors have few people interested in adopting these precious souls. 

But I am super tough on qualifying for our pups: 
1. We will not adopt a puppy to you if no one is home to take care of it, and you plan to put the puppy in a cage while you go to work for hours. Have you seen a puppy play with its siblings, and people are going to terrorize this baby by putting it locked up and by itself. ITS ANIMAL CRUELTY. 
These people need to get two dogs, older, that can be together while the folks are gone.. 

2. Our feeding policy demands FREE FEEDING

3. And, with two senior vets telling us to cook the real chicken, its real protein, we need our people adopting these tiny lovebugs to be willing to cook real boneless chicken, cut it up, and nourish these rapidly growing infants with thes goodies. I love to take chicken strips, put olive oil on it, and bake at 200 for 4–5 hours. Gives the babies the best chewing sticks ever, and healthy!

4. You have to be willing to buy high end puppy food: Taste of the Wild, and mix up the ingredients. One week give Salmon, next one Brison. And our demand product is HALO. You have to have some of this product mixed in with the Taste of the Wild. Your puppy will only be as healthy as what you feed it. And it trusts you to protect it. NO CHEAP FOOD PRODUCTS!

5. Anyway, dont look for a puppy unless you can take care of it, they are not toys, these are precious lives.

Remember  . . . . we do have currently two
  13 week designer baby girl dogs: CairWeirPoo's.
Sweet Adeline
Addie Mae
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