Momma and Baby Girl Need A family to love them both. Best gift ever to have a bonded pair. Hours of entertainment.

Please look up Manchester Terrier. The skin on this dog, and hair, is like silk. It shines beautifully. I look at her, and She is just so special. Her daughter too, but Mom is breathtaking.

Description of pet
This Mom and Daughter combo must be adopted together as they are bonded like glue. Two dogs also make fantastic pets. They are not diggers, or cryers, they have a friend. So please think about this idea.

Description of pets
Our shelter found in an abandoned house Rosebud and her SIX four-week old puppies, one of which is Bella Cuddles, near death, but surviving. Rosebud is named after a gangster lady who also raised her babies, and would shoot you with a gun while protecting her kids too. And Bella Cuddles was another lady about town in the good ole days.

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It was figured out that this tiny little Manchester Terrier/ Jack Russell Terrier, with markings like an angel, girl, had her children on or about August 21. 2016. Mama knew she and her little ones were now safe, but the shelter phoned us, these puppies and Mom needed a home. Down to the shelter we went, and in fact same day, Blossom, was in the cage next to the babies. She was a four and 1/2 month old husky, who could not Breathe. She was blue, and dying. Shelter had no doctor equipped with oxygen on this Monday morning, to save her, and were planning to kill her in a few hours. Well, not over my dead body Took the babies and mom home; MICHAEL GOT THEM OUT OF THE CAR, AND I WENT BACK TO THE SHELTER. An officer at shelter helped me get this dying dog in the car. She could not breathe, and was vomiting, She sat on my lap, and off I drove, It was about 9 am and I hit gridlock. I phoned 911, told them I was on freeway, and the story; the operator told me to get on the side, and go, she would notify police not to stop me, but help me drive faster to our main vet hospital. When I arrived techs were waiting. Within seconds Blossom had oxygen, pain meds, and was safely in the hands of many angels all helping her finally feel better. Other nurses were cleaning me up; I had vomit from head to toe, and was a mess. BUT WE MADE IT. Ten long days, an ambulance ride for Blossom with oxygen to go to Irvine Surgeon, and raising over $14,000 we were bringing Blossom home with our arms around her. It took days before she could eat on her own, but we all made it, and within two weeks she had her family, a young couple, both nurses mad her their child. Her larynx had been crushed and paraplyzed by a HUMAN! But that surgeon and team of vets in Irvine were amazing, just brilliant doctors and medical teams, unreal. Whew. Everyone from Yorba Regional to the Irvine Grouop were all the finest.

Anyway, back at the farm, Rosebud and her gang were growing and getting fat tummies and all just having a ball. Loved beyond words.

When all were about 12 weeks we took the family down to Petsmart in Irvine and I thought all the puppies had been adopted. We were real busy, and with our team of wonderful volunteers, I just thought the puppies all had found their homes. WRONG I WAS. We are packing up and Bella Cuddles, her tinest little one was hiding under a blanket under her mom, We just put the two in the car, and a few other dogs, and came home. That was two years ago, I had my first back surgery shortly thereafter, And since they are no problem, we just kept them. No one was willing to take them both, and we cant seperate them. Bella cant pee pee without her mommie.

Fill out our adoption application at
THen text me at 909-208-6889 let me know you submitted paperwork. If approved we will set up a meeting. We are want good good homes. We want our babies to be your kids.

Rosebud and her little girl Bella Cuddles are ready and waiting just for you.



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